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Hapdco Aqui Plus Face Wash (50ml)

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Anti Acne Face Wash for Deep Cleansing Oily , Acne Prone Skin


About Hapdco Aqui Plus Face Wash

Hapdco Aqui Plus Face Wash is a natural face wash that helps to keep acne at a bay. It is nourished with the goodness of natural herbs and is an ideal deep cleanser to rid your skin of excess melanin. It helps to reinstate the natural tone of the skin by weeding out uneven skin tone and lowering melanin content.

Hapdco Aqui Plus Face Wash is ideal for morning and evening usage.

Hapdco Aqui Plus Face Wash benefits

  • Helps in getting rid of acne (pimples), blackheads, pitting and scarring on the face, unhealthy skin.
  • This natural product has no side effects on the skin
  • Treats uneven skin tone
  • It has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.
  • Beneficial for dry or damaged skin
  • It acts as a natural antiseptic.

Instructions of Hapdco Aqui Plus Face Wash

  • Wash your face by applying this face wash twice a day, for best results.


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