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Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Cream – 100ml

About Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Cream
About Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Cream

Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Cream

Himalaya Anti-hair fall cream contains natural herbs Bhringaraja and Amla. Bhringaraja promotes hair growth and strengthens hair roots. Amla works as a natural hair tonic that helps in treating damaged hair and scalp. It maintains natural colour, fights premature greying and strengthens hair follicles. 
Himalaya anti-hair loss cream prevents hair fall, strengthens hair follicles, nourishes hair roots, and improves hair growth. The Himalaya anti-hair fall cream is suitable for all hair types including artificially coloured or permed hair.

Direction for use:
Take adequate amount of cream on your palm
Gently massage the cream into the scalp using fingertips
Cover the head with a clean towel for some time
Use regularly before and after shampooing 
  Use under Medical supervision..


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