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Alarsin Fortege – 100tab

Alarsin Fortege
Alarsin Fortege

Alarsin Fortege

  • original ayurvedic product
  • Safe for use
  • No side effects

Alarsin Fortege Tablets is a polyherbal proprietary Ayurvedic medicine from Alarsin. It may improve energy and vigor in body. It might be effective in improving appetite, digestion, and assimilation. It gives relief in chronic constipation.

Fortege Tablet is indicated in enlarged prostate, fatigue, weakness of muscles-nerves and may help in sexual weakness. This medicine contains Shuddha Kuchla Strychinos Nux Vomica, and therefore should be taken in recommended dosage and in medical supervision.

Fortege ingredients might help to tone-up Genito-Urinary and Neuro-Glandular systems gradually. Fortege helps in digestion, assimilation and morning evacuation. Helps in decongestion of prostate. Fortege keeps one alert and fresh. Fortege breaks up psycho-somatic circles at various points

  • It tones up genito-urinary and neuro-glandular systems.
  • It might improve semen quality.
  • It has aphrodisiac action in both male and female.
  • It helps in reducing stress, fatigue and exhaustion.
  • It cures weakness of muscles and nerves.
  • It might improve metabolism.

In Asthenia (Fatigue), Stress, and Strain: 1-2 tablets 3 times a day for 4-6 weeks.

As Geriatric tonic : 1-2 tablets twice a day.

In Males : in functional impotence: 2 tabs thrice a day for 6 months

In Females : Menopause syndrome, Frigidity, House wife Fatigue: 2 tabs twice or thrie a day for 1-6 months.

In Male Infertility : Oligospermia, Poor motility: 2 tabs thrice a day for 3-6 months or till wife conceives


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