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Baidyanath Shadbindu Tail (25ml), Herbal medication for Sinusitis, Headache

Dabur Shadbindu Tail
Dabur Shadbindu Tail

Baidyanath Shadbindu Taila – Description:

Also known as:

Shadbindu Tel

PropertiesWeight42 (gms)Dimensions3.5 (cm) x 3.5 (cm) x 10 (cm)

Baidyanath Shadbindu Taila is herbal and ayurvedic medicated oil used for sinusitis and sinus infections. It is one of the famous Nasya Oils used in ayurveda. Baidyanath Shadbindu Taila is a main medicine used in NASYA Panchakarma Therapy. It is also useful in the treatment of septal deviations or turbinate hypertrophy. Baidyanath Shadbindu Taila has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, so it is helpful in all types of nasal and sinus infections. It also relieves headache, treats hair fall and baldness.

  • Sinusitis & Sinus Infections
  • Shadbindu Tail has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, it can help fighting infections of sinuses and reduces inflammation in sinusitis.Sinusitis has two main types. Acute sinusitis usually occurs due to viral, bacterial or fungal infection. However, Shadbindu Tail is not greatly effective in these cases, but it can speed up the recovery when used for instilling in the nose along with antibiotics. It helps draining mucus, reduces blockage and lowers facial pain.In some cases, patients have thick, yellow greenish discharge from the nose and sinuses are filled with pus. In this case, Shadbindu Tail is also effective for the drainage of pus and reduces blockage.In Chronic sinusitis, Shadbindu Tail is more effective. Nasal polyps, allergic reaction and deviated nasal septum are most common causes of chronic sinusitis. Shadbindu Tail can help eliminating all these underlying causes.
  • Nasal Polyp
  • Nasal polyp is a painless, soft and noncancerous growth in the nasal passage. It can be single or multiple. It may also present in sinuses. These polyps are common cause of chronic inflammation of upper respiratory tract and can become precipitating factor for allergies, asthma and certain immune disorders. Usually, nasal polyps result in breathing troubles, nose blockage and frequent infections. Some people may also experience loss of sense of smell. Shadbindu Tail is effective in reducing size of nasal polyps, improving sense of smell, preventing frequent infections and reducing nasal blockage. It shrinks the size of nasal polyp and then helps eliminating it complete. It may take 3 to 6 months course with Shadbindu Tail to get rid of nasal polyps completely


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